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Conferences and Retreats for Teachers

The Institute for Catholic Liberal Education presents the

the 2014 Classical Education Conference and
the 2014 Academic Retreat for Teachers.

Catholic Classical Education Conference
Love for Wisdom, Passion for Truth

Located on the beautiful campus of
Mount St. Mary's University
Emmitsburg, Maryland
Hosted by St. Jerome's School
Hyattsville, Maryland

Download the flyer

Cost: $495 includes room,
board and registration

$25 Early Registration Discount (by March 31)
$25 Multiple Registrant Discount

Featured Speakers

Mary Pat Donoghue
Principal, St. Jerome Academy,
Hyattsville, MD

Dr. Michael Hanby
Pontifical JP II Institute
Author, St. Jerome Academy Educational Plan

Dr. Jeffrey Lehman
Professor of Education, Hillsdale College
Director, Arts of Liberty Project

Dr. Andrew Seeley
Director, Institute for Catholic Liberal Education
Tutor, Thomas Aquinas College

Laura Berquist
Founder, Mother of Divine Grace School
Author, Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum

see a list of all the speakers and presenters

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Academic Retreat for Teachers
“Truth and Joy in the Catholic School”

Click here to see a flyer for the Retreat
Dr. Seeley TeachingOne would comb in vain Vatican documents on schools to find anything about lesson planning, the order of teaching the various subjects, or the relative merit of different didactic methodologies....In the words of T.S. Eliot, we do not want our students to say: "We had the experience but missed the meaning....Catholic educators are to have in themselves and develop in others a passion for truth which defeats moral and cultural relativism.
- Archbishop Michael Miller, "The Holy See's Teachings on Catholic Schools"

The Institute for Catholic Liberal Education offers Academic Retreats for Teachers, which give teachers, administrators and board members a chance to re-kindle their passion for learning while exploring the foundations of Catholic education with colleagues from around the country.

Our Retreats are not workshops, though retreatants do benefit greatly from conversations about each other's experiences. Rather they give participants the opportunity to taste Truth as it is found throughout the typical Catholic school curriculum -- in Language, History, Mathematics, Science, Literature, Music, and Theology. Great authors such as Plato and St. Thomas, Newman, Dawson, Sayers, Shakespeare, Euclid, and Descartes challenge and inspire them. Small group discussions led by master teachers foster encounters with the great traditions and with fellow participants.

Our Retreats are made for those Catholic educators who want to ponder the depth and breadth of a curriculum alive with Catholic wisdom and experience the joy of a vibrant Catholic learning community.

Join us for an unforgettable experience this summer on the beautiful campus of Mount Saint Francis Center for Spirituality:

101 St. Anthony Drive
Mt. St. Francis, IN 47146

Cost: $550 includes room, board and registration

$25 Early Registration Discount
(by April 30, 2014)

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Download the 2014 Conference Flyer.


Download the 2014 Retreat Flyer.

Retreat Flyer